Saturday, 11 July 2015

Flop Show of DigiLocker by Digital India

Last week I tried to register for DigiLocker to become one of the first users to avail the facility to fulfil the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi but was disappointed to get the following message in red ink:

"Mobile and email is not available in your UIDAI records. Please click here to update and please try again once your record is updated"

I immediately checked my URN (Update Request Number Generated in June 2013 when I was enrolled for Aadhaar card by the authorised agency. I was surprised to see the following items as can be seen in the image URN:
  1. Date of Birth : 13/10/1956 (VERIFIED)
  2. Mobile         :  Not Given
  3. Email          :  Not Given
  4. Documents  :  Passport 
I had filled the form and I correctly entered my mobile number 981491xxxx and email ID as but the Private Agencies, entrusted to feed Aadhaar Data ignored to fill in the data.

Anyhow to make Digital India dream of our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi, I visited the nearest Aadhaar Card Centre in Rajpura to get my details rectified and I had to pass through the following procedure:

I had to visit the local centre being run by the Punjab Government (Suvidha Centre) and I had to pass through the following procedures to get my Mobile Number and Email updated:
  1. Provide Fresh ID proof where as Passport is already submitted and Aadhar is already issue.
  2. Provide PhotoCopy of Aadhaar Card
  3. Get photographed and through Biometric Procedure.
New URN was Generated and Handed Over to me against payment of Rs.15/- for which no receipt was issued by the Suvidha Centre. No rates have been notified for General Public and it is at the sweet will of the Counter Incharge, which needs to be thoroughly investigated by state Government of Punjab.

New URN Number (update request number) issued on 6th July 2015 issued by Location ID No.281605 reads as under:
  1. Date of Birth : 13/10/1956 (DECLARED)

I am at loss to understand as to Why the Verified Date of Birth in the existing records altered to DeclaredIf every Indian citizen has to undergo all these procedures then it will be wastage of national resources in the shape of manpower, petrol expenses to visit centre, inconvenience to incapacitated persons and senior citizens and above all the delay of the UIDAI project and flop of DIGITAL INDIA abinitio. 

Having been hurt I wrote detailed letter to the UIDAI authorities to probe the case as the irresponsible attitude of the private agencies has put the General Public to inconvenience as with the launch of Digital India they can not register for DigiLocker being provided by GOI. When Private Agencies have taken full payment from UIDAI then they can not escape their responsibility of feeding correct data. An investigations needs to be conducted as to who released the payments to private agencies even for feed incorrect or incomplete data. Now every Indian citizen will have to visit the office of UIDAI to get the data corrected updated.

The UIDAI authorities responded as under: 

Thank you for bringing this matter to our notice. Your case (20150710023449) has been registered with us. 

Please find below our response against your query: 

Query 1(Subcase Id :2015071002344901) We have received your query regarding status of your Aadhaar enrolment. We appreciate your patience and thank you for contacting us. 

Jai Hind 

However the UIDAI authorities kept silent on the issues raised by me in my email. I once again shot back as under:

Dear CRM Administrator,

It is surprising that you have candidly and deliberately avoided reply to my demand for thorough investigation into the feeding of incorrect and incomplete data by private agencies whereas they were paid handsome amount ( May be running into thousands of crores all over India). It is a national loss as the citizens will have to visit the Aadhaar Centres time and again for no fault of theirs. LIC of India is keeping scanned copies of all documents and proposals so that incorrect data feeding can be rectified at any moment of time just after viewing the scanned documents. I think the DIGITAL INDIA dream of our beloved Prime Minister will be shattered due to improper feeding of data by private agencies entrusted with the feeding of Aadhaar Data. Now the burning issues arise due to casual attitude of private contractors who pocketed the money received from UIDAI after feeding GARBAGE into the system. Let the Government of India recall the public money from private agencies against all incorrect or incomplete data fed by them into the system. Moreover they should be penalized and made accountable for the lapses resulting into harassment to INDIAN citizens ( Wastage of Time, Energy and Manpower to rectify the records). Please look into all the possible effects as per my trailing mail.

I attach herewith both the URN in support of evidence to my claims in previous mail.

Despite all this I am unable to register and sign up for DigiLocker being provided by GOI free of cost to its citizens to keep all their privileged documents under secured environment.

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